About Us


Our company, MovoMed, was founded in 2004 in Budapest, the capital of Hungary. Our main profile is manufacturing and selling medical accessories and supplies.

Initially, catering to the needs of pharmacies, we sold our products to Budapest pharmacies, and later on launched a nationwide distribution network.

In the 2000s, we introduced our first products with the MovoMed brand name. Today, we are present with over 200 products in 2,200 locations across the country.

At present, in 2019, we are ready to conquer the global market and establish new international relationships.

Our vision :

to establishing effective relationships with prospective partners through flexible and reliable service.

Our business strategy :

to introduce a broader product range and catering for individual needs.

Our creed :

to create sound foundations and build mutual trust with a focus on continuous innovation and accessory development.

Our goal :

to produce high-quality MovoMed products that will enable us to become a market leader in the medical supplies market and thus build a sound international reputation.